Eksi Sozluk’s cloned user interface as Xamarin.Forms technology is one of the largest dictionary platforms of Turkey.

Furkan Bozdag
2 min readJun 27, 2018

Hi developers,

Eksi Sozluk is one of the largest dictionary platform of Turkey. I have to say, that platform is great work. I was following that platform for a long time and I was love it user interface on mobile application. I decided clone Eksi Sozluk’s user interface and I was completed that project on along my free time as one week.

The part that I am most forced was renderers in Xamarin.Forms when we have to use it. Almost, I was completed all pages. I used HorizontalScrollView like Android on each platform. That provided to me nice design and aspect. After that, I wrote all renderers for each element for use in the pages. I wrote the whole parts using Xamarin.Forms technology. The great result is below from that text.

Here, a few pages..

Signup Page
Headlines Page

Please visit to my github account and their repository for more screen shot and source codes from here. Also, don’t forget starring and forking that project. I hope, elements, designs, renderers and their things useful for you.

See you next time ;)



Furkan Bozdag

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