Write own blog with using React.js from scratch

Furkan Bozdag
2 min readAug 28, 2018

Hi developers,

In generally, I’m developing projects with .NET technologies in the company where I work. Also I’m using javascipt when I needed. But I don’t say I’m well about the javascript and their frameworks. I decided about that issue. I’ll learn javascript framework only in a month.

Already, I’m Xamarin Developer. In my case as such, I wanted learn the React.js and React Native. I will be able to write React Native when I learn React.js.

I started to work immediately. Firstly, I did required installations. And I created first application with name of grapefruit.

I used flexbox-grid, webpack, babel, axios(for api requests) and etc. packages. I’m showing last posts from the Medium through rss to json api. I’m calling rss feed from Medium and converting json with rss to json. And I made all things without known very well React.js.

You shouldn’t think, “Which I should learn the language, Which is best etc.”. Just do it. Believe me, you can. I made without known very well that framework.

To tell the truth, new things always well. I advise you.

You can go to my website for see and you can access source code from here. See you my next post dude.
Stay with code!



Furkan Bozdag

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